RAM Concept V8i (SELECTseries 5) Release 4.0 is Now Available

This week included the release of the latest version of RAM Concept, Bentley's solution for the analysis and design of floor slabs and mats for both reinforced and prestressed concrete. This latest version comes with new tools and properties for tendons, a "check only" option in design, automatic hook tool, and improved interoperability with RAM Structural System.

New Tendon Layers and Tools

New tendon layers and objects in RAM Concept are high level tendon parameters that are used to generate RAM Concept tendon objects. These objects can be displayed graphically in RAM Concept in such a way that an exported RAM Concept plan could be used as an Engineer’s tendon design plan with very little additional drafting effort. Engineers who prefer to work directly with RAM Concept’s traditional tendon objects can use these tendon parameter objects to automatically generate a starting tendon layout which can be further manipulated as desired.

New and enhanced tools are found on the Layer Specific toolbar:

New Properties Added to Existing Tendon Objects

A number of new properties have been added to the existing tendon objects in RAM Concept, including the ability to reference profile elevations from several reference points (slab surface, slab soffit, absolute elevation, top cover to CGS, bottom cover to CGS).

"Check Only" Option

The option to perform a check of a specified design and thus not design any additional rebar has been added. This option will report the location of any failing sections.

This feature is used by selecting the "Check capacity of longitude user reinforcement without designing additional program reinforcement" in the Calc Options dialog (opened by selecting Criteria > Calc Options)

Automatic Hook Tool

A tool has been added to the reinforcement layer that allows the user to automatically add a specified hook type to user reinforcement within a specified distance to the slab edge, as well as to extend the bar to a specified cover from the slab edge and maintain a specified bar length increment.

Select the Define hooks close to slab edges tool on the Layer Specific toolbar.

RAM Structural System Integration Enhancements

Several new enhancements to the integration with the RAM Structural System have been made:

  • Upon export of Concept walls and Columns to RAM Structural System the RAM Concept object’s properties are used to assign a framing type in RAM Structural System.
  • When transfer gravity forces are imported from RAM Structural System, all reactions are now imported regardless of whether or not they are supported by a column or wall below. This allows easy equilibrium checks for the set of imported reactions on a floor.
  • For imported gravity wall reactions the imported forces are now distributed over the wall length instead of concentrated forces applied at the ends of the wall.

Start Using RAM Concept V8i (SELECTseries 5) Today!

You can learn more about how to use these new features and enhancements by reading the RAM Concept V8i Release 4.0 Quick Start Guide attached. This guide can also be found in the RAM Concept 4.0 installation folder on your computer after you have installed the program.

You can download the latest version of RAM Concept from Software Downloads today.