RAM - Upcoming Training Opportunities - September 2015


There are a series of Live Distance Learn classes for RAM offered in September. Detailed information about each class can be found on the Bentley LEARN Server. The dates and times listed with each class are for a Live Distance Learn class with an instructor. If you wish to register for one of these classes use the link to the LEARNing Path (Log-In or Browse as Guest), select the Course, expand the Find Training option and select Schedule.   All the classes listed below include recorded videos and a practice workbook if you prefer to use our OnDemand training, also available from the same link. 

RAM Concept:

Designing Post-Tensioned Concrete Slabs in RAM Concept Learning Path

    • Modeling Post-Tensioned Tendons
    • Designing Post-Tensioned Tendons


RAM Connection:

Designing Steel Connections in RAM Connection Learning Path

    • Designing Connections with RAM Connection and RAM Structural System
    • Designing Connections with RAM Connection and STAAD.Pro


RAM Elements:

RAM Elements – General Structural Designer Learning Path

    • RAM Elements Fundamentals


RAM Structural System:            

RAM Structural System – Concrete Building Designer Learning Path

    • RAM Structural System – RAM Concrete Fundamentals

 Structural Interoperability with AECOsim Building Designer Learning Path

    • Interoperability with AECOsim Building Designer and RAM Structural System through ISM