Recruitment for Scenario Services Usability lab


I'm Jean-Philippe and I work for Bentley Systems on the User Experience (UX) team. I'm recruiting participants for a usability lab for Scenario Services.

Scenario Services is a product that automates the process of analyzing structural models and lets you compare models to see which one perform the best according to specific performance indicators.

The usability lab will consist of using the product while accomplishing a few tasks. The goal is for you to provide feedback (positive and negative) on the design. This will help the Scenario Services team improve the product based on your feedback.

For this usability lab, I'm looking for structural engineers who use STAAD.Pro in their daily work and are familiar with the concept of structural analysis. The lab will take place between January 30th to February 9th and will take about 1 hour.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me at:  

Thanks for your time! And have a good day!