Screencast 007 - Base Plate Design in RAM Connection v7.0

The Bentley Structural screencast has been on a very long hiatus. But it is back with a new video on an exciting new addition to RAM Connection: base plate design. This feature has long been requested by you users and in this screencast, I'll give you an overview on how to design two different types of base plate connections:

  • Column Base Plate
  • Gusset Base Plate

So, please check out the following video to see this new feature in action:

RAM Connection now includes the ability to analyze both uniaxial or biaxial supports and design base plates per AISC 360-05, including anchor bolt design per ACI 318-08 Appendix D. Base plates can be supporting a single column or a column with braces. You can read the full release notes for RAM Connection v7.0 here [link opens new window].

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