STAAD and RAM - Instructor Led Live Virtual Training for Q1 2021

We are offering Open Enrollment Training with timing suitable for ANZ and SEA regions.

Please utilize the appropriate links listed below if you would like to register for instructor led training for STAAD and RAM.

1. STAAD.Pro

    1.1 Modeling Structural Geometry in the STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler CONNECT Edition - English

    1.2 Performing an Analysis in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition (Base Release) - English

    1.3 Designing Steel Structures in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition - English

2. STAAD.Foundation Advanced

    2.1 Designing General Foundations with STAAD.Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition - English

3. RAM Connection

    3.1 RAM Connection Fundamentals CONNECT Edition - English

4. RAM Concept (2 Day course)

    4.1 RAM Concept Fundamentals CONNECT Edition - English