STAAD.Offshore v8i,

A new build of STAAD.Offshore, the offshore loading module designed for STAAD.Pro, has been released.  This is to address a couple of issues reported with the wave and transportation modules, thus:-

Wave Module, Version 6.2.1

1) Forces due to wave loads on members with for shapes not addressed by STAAD.Offshore
   are set to zero. Previously these would cause the application to crash.

Transport Module, version 6.1.7

1) Member Load added to the TOT file for Member Concentrated Masses.  Caused a problem
   if file also included joint mases as was being interpreted as more JOINT LOAD.

Fatigue Module, version 3.0.2


Additionally the installation includes an updated version of the OpenSTAAD installation which does not afect any of the calculations, but addresses an issue of trying to install STAAD.Offshore when a newer version of OpenSTAAD is already installed.

Please note that the ReadMe document that is included in the installation folder includes details of the above fixes and all other changes that have ocuured in earlier releases.