STAAD.Offshore v8i (

The recent release of STAAD.Pro version V8i SS5 introduced a few changes into the OpenSTAAD OEM package which has affected STAAD.Offshore integration.  Therefore a new build of STAAD.Offshore has been published which has addressed this issue and also another key issue which has been identified in that the use of hollow sections defined in STAAD.Pro databases based on the US HSS template, such as the European CHS, SHS and RHS sections, were not supported by STAAD.Offshore.  This has been addressed and these sections can now be used freely in the program.

There have also been a number of minor updates in the transportation module resulting in a incrimination of the Transportation Module version.  The details of which are listed below and can be found in the Revision History included in the Readme file included in the installation.


1. What's New in STAAD.Offshore, Build ( 26/02/2014 )

(General/GUI version

1) Support for OpenSTAAD delivered with STAAD.Pro V8i SS5

2) Support for section profiles defined in STAAD.Pro as HSS, CHS, SHS or RHS

(Wave Module, Version 6.2.1)


(Transport Module, version 6.1.8)

1) Include member offset in calculation of member length for self weight summary.

2) Remove rotation factors from alpha and gamma in gravity/tilt

3) Sequence gravity tilt rotation effects, pitch (RZ) then roll (RX)

4) Load type not correctly added for Member Concentrated Masses. (Note, this was observed when the 'Member Distributed' option was selected, it was not a problem when the Joint Lumped option was selected)

5) Defined lag is taken from wave position rather than added to as per the documentation.

(Fatigue Module, version 3.0.2)



  • A few users have noted that if there is a newer version of OpenSTAAD OEM installed on their computer, then the One Click installer stops and STAAD.Offshore itself cannot get installed.  Rather than uninstalling the newer OpenSTAAD OEM and re running the one-click installer, here is a suggested work around:-

    To overcome the issue for now, open the STAAD.Offshore one-click installation exe with 7-zip(free download available if you do not have it already ) and you should see that it contains a number of files:-

    Click on the setup.exe and drag it to a suitable temp folder and run this which is the actual STAAD.Offshore installer.