New Release STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition (

I am very happy to announce the launch of the CONNECT Edition of the ever popular STAAD.Pro application. Building on the success of the V8i generations, the CONNECT Edition is a major step forward in analysis and design that provides the functionality existing users have come to expect in an interface that is becoming the standard across the most current leading Windows applications today. With the addition of a completely new Physical Modelling workflow, we are putting STAAD.Pro in a position to become the standard analysis and design application where designers want to operate with an engineering workflow from conception to construction and where it is the physical model that drives this process.

The principal developments and enhancements that are delivered in this new version of STAAD.Pro are:-

New Workflow style layout.

The context sensitive ribbon based UI is now an office standard with applications like MS Word, Excel and Bentley software like MicroStation and AutoPIPE.

Physical Modelling.

As more engineers look to have the analysis part of an engineering workflow, working with a physical model that can be easily shared is becoming more important and with STAAD.Pro CE, that can now be the primary model which is automatically decomposed and managed into the analytical parts including segmented beams and surfaces.

64 bit solver.

The heart of STAAD.Pro is the analysis and design engine which is now built on a 64 bit platform which is making it possible now to work on larger models with more load cases and in many instances performs quicker.

Design Codes.

The CONNECT Edition has expanded the design code offering to now include steel design to the New Zealand NZ3404 code. There are technical preview versions of ACI 318-14 and NBC 2010 and a major overhaul of the Australian steel design code AS 4100.

Consolidation of Design Code Licensing.

STAAD.Pro CE has greatly simplified the licensing associated with the program by adding all the main design codes right into the main application meaning that there is no need to try and work out and purchase the add on license required to perform any international steel or concrete design from within STAAD.Pro. (Note Nuclear design codes and STAAD Advanced Concrete Design are not included in this consolidation)

RAM Connection Workflow - IS800.

The popular steel connection design module has been expanded to provide connection design to the Indian code.

CONNECT Advisor.

Use your CONNECT credentials to get quick relevant assistance for the program you are using direct from within he application.

STAAD Foundation Advanced.

The Foundation Design workflow has been simplified to just use STAAD Foundation Advanced and with the STAAD.Pro license get access to the current version of some basic foundation design or use a full STAAD Foundation Advanced license to get access to the full unrestricted designs and capabilities.

New Macro Script Editor.

With the ever-growing popularity of OpenSTAAD and user created macros, we have brought the macro editor provided within STAAD.Pro up-to-date with a new editor using the new ribbon style user interface.

Update Service.

Once this version is installed, no longer will users wonder if there is any new version available as this notification is provided directly in the CONNECTION Centre. As new versions are published and available on Fulfilment, CONNECTION Centre will notify and provide a simple one click download/update operation.

3 Tier Solution.

Keeping with the simplifying STAAD.Pro licensing theme, STAAD.Pro can now be picked in one of three simple options, a basic offering, an advanced offering that includes the capabilities of the STAAD Advanced Analysis Plus license and the enterprise offering (SEL) which included STAAD.Pro Advanced and all the other rich product offerings from within the structural group such as STAAD Foundation Advanced, RAM Structural System and Ram Connection, all together one offering at an amazingly low price.


Revision History

No additional features have been added to the program, however a number of issues found in the earlier releases and have been addressed. For details of the issues see the revision history document that is included in the ReadMe and can also be found here.