STAAD.Pro Language Pack on Windows 7

Many STAAD.Pro users around the world are making use of language packs developed for specific versions of STAAD.Pro.  Some users who try to install the language pack on a computer running Windows 7 seems to fail to install unexpectedly.  The reason has been tracked down to virtualisation.  As I am sure you know by now, Windows 7 makes use of virtual folders meaning that individual users have copies of certain folders and settings.  A STAAD.Pro installation makes changes to files and settings which become virtualised in this way.  These files and folders are only virtualised when the application is used.  Thus it is important that STAAD.Pro is run by the user before trying to install any Langage Pack installation. Future versions of the Language Pack instalaltion will include a check to make sure that the relevant files and folders have been created before allowing the installation to be run.