STAAD.Pro V8i (SELECTseries 2) v20.07.07 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the new commercial build of STAAD.Pro v8i, SELECT series 2.

Enhanced Integration has been a major focus of this new release. Manage all your Bentley Structural applications using the free new Structural Dashboard. Plant engineers get a major boost with the integration with AutoPIPE. Speed up foundation design with the new integration of as a new mode in the GUI. The RAM Connection integration has been enhanced with the latest version 7.0 files directly integrated into STAAD.Pro. Import and export to ProSteel for detailing using a StrucLink macros.

This all new version also includes new steel and concrete design codes, updates to a number of existing design codes including GB 50010, IS456, and ACI 318-05 (metric) concrete codes as well as Norsok N004 and additional Finnish and Polish National Annex requirements for Eurocode 3 steel codes. Additional enhancements have been made to the Australian AS 4100 and Japanese AIJ steel design module.

Also updates to the dynamics time history and response spectrum analysis commands.

All this and over 120 other issues have been introduced to make this the most comprehensive version of STAAD.Pro yet.

This version can be downloaded from Bentley's SELECT service today.

  • Along with above (as said by Jason) the Interactive RC Designer of Staad.Pro is also capable to do the required checks of Ductile detailing and Design as per Indian of Ductile Detailing Code; IS: 13920 - 1993.

  • Andreas: Yes, at some point STAAD(X) will be the STAAD platform, with updates to STAAD.Pro discontinuing. However, there are currently many features and codes in STAAD.Pro which are not available in STAAD(X). Currently, STAAD(X) serves mainly as a physical modeler for STAAD. To the best of my knowledge, there is not date set for the end of STAAD.Pro updates and  both products will be developed and supported for some time.

  • Could we have an informal statement from Bentley regarding future development of STAAD.Pro vs. STAAD.X? Are both going to be developed in parallel for the near future, or will Staad.X take over for Staad.Pro sometime?