STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 5

I am excited to announce the latest new release of the STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 5 has been published on the Bentley SELECT server and is now available for you to download and install.

The range of enhancements included addresses many different aspects of the programme from enhancing the range of design codes and enhancing the capabilities delivered by the advanced analysis to updating integrated modules such as RAM Connection and ISM to give the best version yet.

The main changes can be characterized in the following groups:-

  • ·         Features Affecting the Analysis and Design Engine
  • ·         Features Affecting Post Processing
  • ·         Features Affecting the General Programme

Features Affecting the Analysis and Design Engine

1 Advanced Cable Analysis

Earlier versions of STAAD.Pro included a basic cable element and solver, however, whilst this is suitable for some rudimentary situations, more generally the behaviour of cables is such that the analysis needed is more complex than can be performed with this method and often led to divergent solutions. With SELECTseries 5 a more comprehensive nonlinear cable element formulation and solver has been added into the Advanced Solver which allows the more general problem to be solved. It is highly recommended when working with cable structures that the cable analysis using the Advanced Analysis is utilized.

2 Canadian Steel Code S16-09

The Canadian steel design module in STAAD.Pro has been supplemented with the current specification to the CAN/CSA-S16-09, Design of Steel Structures.

3 Eurocode 3 National Annexes

One of the aspects of the Eurocodes that allows their use in different regions in Europe and beyond, is in the use of National Annex documents that are specified locally to modify the base specification to meet the local requirements. The range of countries supported by the steel design module EN1993-1-1 has been extended with the addition of two additional National Annexes, that of Germany and Sweden.

As with the other National Annexes to EC-3, this implementation will make use of the NA parameter.


4 AISC 360-10 Torsion Design

STAAD.Pro can now include for the effects of torsion stresses in AISC 360-10 designs of open (non-HSS) and closed (HSS) shapes as outlined in the AISC in the publication ‘Design Guide #9, Torsional Analysis of Structural Steel Members’.

To include testing for the torsional effects in the AISC 360-10 design, a new TORSION parameter has been added and when set to 1 instructs the design to perform torsion checks. When a torsion design has been performed, the details can be reported using a TRACK 3 output option.


5 Colombian Seismic Code

Accounting for the forces resulting from seismic events as defined in publications such as IBC and UBC using an equivalent static lateral forces method has been further expanded to include the provisions defined in the 2010 Colombian seismic publication ‘Reglamento Colombiano Sismo Resistente (NSR-10)’


6 Missing Mass

In earlier versions of STAAD.Pro we saw the addition of missing mass to a response spectrum analysis. The missing mass being the mass defined for dynamic analysis which has not been captured by any of the considered mode shapes.

This capability has been extended to other forms of dynamic analysis available in STAAD.Pro, that of Time History, Ground Motion and the Steady State analysis in the Advanced Analysis Engine.

These methods can improve solutions where the missing mass, sometimes referred to as the residual mass, is considered significant. The analysis combines the effects of the missing mass algebraically with the dynamic response as described in ASCE 4-98.

Features Affecting Post Processing


1 RAM Connection Mode Update

The STAAD RAM Connection module integrated into STAAD.Pro has been updated to utilise version 8 of the RAM Connection design dll which includes a number of new templates for both the AISC and BS design codes and additionally now supports use of Canadian and Brazilian sections.

The templates that have been added are:-

  • ·         US: MEP Knee BCF, Moment End Plate BCF, Moment End Plate BCW, Moment End Plate BS Apex, and Moment End Plate BS
  • ·         UK: Bolted End Plate BS Apex


2 Eurocode 2 National Annexes

The concrete mode design module to the Eurocode design EN1992-1-1 (beam, column and slab design briefs) has been enhanced with the option to incorporate the requirements of the Malaysian or Singaporean National Annexes.

Features Affecting the General Programme


1 Bentley Trust Licensing

STAAD.Pro has joined the rest of the wide Bentley portfolio of products to be controlled with trust licensing. No more is STAAD.Pro tied to a forced checkout that required a rigid connection to your Bentley SELECT server in order to use the program. Now simply activate the required module and report your usage. When a project ramps up such that your current portfolio is inadequate, where before you would have been restricted until you purchase additional licenses, now you can address your need immediately, thus your project will run freer and your engineers can be more efficient. No more will one engineer chasing down another to close the STAAAD on one machine so that they can be used on another.

Licensing has been made simpler, with only a few settings on the Start Page, usage is logged when a design is performed. This means no more trying to decide what designs you might be doing before starting or opening a model.


2 Standard Databases

The range of standard databases used in various international regions delivered has in enhanced with the addition of CS, CVS and VS tables in the Brazilian database as published in NBR 5884. Also the range of tube and angle sections listed has been expanded.

Many warehouse structures constructed in the US now incorporate steel joist sections. The Steel Joist Institute has published a method for using a virtual joist girder table which has been included in the installation in the \STAAD\Sections folder. Details of how to utilize the table can be found in the Steel Joist Institute website,


3 Bentley's Simulation Services

STAAD.Pro can now utilize a cloud based analytics programme called ‘Bentley CONNECT Simulation Services’. Projects can be set up each with a range of scenarios and individual STAAD.Pro models can be posted as jobs be analysed on the cloud server and the results cross compared to determine relative performance of each solution based on structural criteria such as weight or cost. The Simulation Services however is for more than structural solutions and a scenario can be used to evaluate other effects such lighting or HVAC if those tools are also installed.

This is currently a beta programme but if you would like to get involved, contact to register your interest.


Full list of updates

This release has addressed 182 issues, details which are published in the Revision History documentation and can found in the ReadMe document installed with the programme. They break down into the following categories:-

  • ·         81 in the Analysis/Design engine
  • ·         47 in the Pre-Processing Mode
  • ·         12 in the Post-Processing Mode
  • ·         11 in the Concrete Mode
  • ·         5 in the RAM Connection Mode
  • ·         13 in the Editor, Viewer and other modules
  • ·         2 in OpenSTAAD
  • ·         9 in Documentation and Printing
  • ·         2 in Licensing / Security / Installation

To see details on all the issues see the Revision History document.