STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 5 Service Pack ( Release

In July this year we released a new version of STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 5 (, which included a number of enhancements principally with the addition of Russian and Canadian design codes and also designed for use on Russian projects.  However despite extensive testing, after the release we were notified that some of these enhancements unfortunately included a number of errors.  We posted notification of the issues on the RSS feed and Bentley Communities site as soon as the nature of the issues were clear and have been working to get the issues addressed as quickly as possible.

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to address the issues and posted a new build on the Bentley SELECT server and recommend that this be downloaded and the earlier versions of STAAD.Pro be updated with this version.  The Revision History document included in the ReadMe outlines all the issues that have been addressed which can be summarized as:-

  • Russian Steel Design
    • Correct variable initialisation to support multiple member design
    • Improved pagination
    • Design results available in the GUI
  • Russian Wind Design
    • Correction for use with the Basic solver
  • Canadian Steel Design S-16-01
    • Class 4, slender section effective areas for angle profiles
  • AISC 360-10/05
    • Compression capacity and torsion capacity for circular hollow sections
    • Double angle section design
    • Designs governed by slenderness
  • IS 1893
    • Command processing updates
  • Advanced Cable Analysis
    • Vertical cable analysis
  • Concrete Mode
    • Support for changing member dimensions after an initial design
  • Connection Mode
    • Support of double angle sections for bracing

For full details please refer to the Revision History document.