STAAD(X) Tower V8i (SELECTseries 2) is Now Available

We're pleased to announce that an update to STAAD(X) Tower V8i is now available for download from Bentley SELECT. STAAD(X) Tower is a standalone product which is used for the modeling, analysis, and design of communication tower structures. This release focuses primarily on tower generation enhancements for both monopole and self-supporting tower structures, with additional new features available for monopole towers.

Tapered Monopoles and Round Extensions

Tapered monopoles can now be modeled in STAAD(X) Tower using the parametric wizard interface. These structures are defined in common industry terms (height, top diameter, and taper factor) to make modeling easy.

The cross-sectional properties of n-sided polygonal sections used for tapered monopoles are calculated using Bentley's Structural Property Catalog, with the relevant properties being reported in the STAAD(X) Tower interface. Galvanizing thickness can also be specified for the structure.

You may also define a round extension for a tapered monopole. Monopole structures are designed per EIA/TIA-222-F and TIA-222-G specifications. A geometric analysis is performed in real time and lap splice requirements are presented in tabular format. The same table can be used to conveniently modify all tower structure sections. Wind load generation and design calculations for both EIA/TIA-222-F and TIA-222-G specifications has been enhanced, as well.

Self-Supporting Tower Generation and Components

Self-supporting tower sections are now easily defined as either straight or tapered, with a convenient table where all sections can be modified.

Several new components have been added for 3- and 4-legged self-supporting towers, as well. Now you can add work platforms, feedlines along a face, or ladders along a face (any of which can be added inside or outside the lattice structure).

Additional Features

The table reports included in the output have been updated for wind load and design calculations for EIA/TIA-222-F and TIA-222-G specifications.

The context-sensitive help available in the interface has been expanded to include new and enhanced features.

Refer to the Revision History file for STAAD(X) Tower as well as the What's New section of the Help for additional information on these features and their use.