Updated Advanced STAAD.Pro Editor

A number of users have reported an issue with the New Editor on certain installations and found that it crashes when STAAD.Pro is launched. 

Clearly this represents a significant limitation to these users.  There are two options available to address this problem:-

  • After launching STAAD.Pro, click on the Configuration option in the Project Tasks panel in the Start Page.  In the dialog, click on the Applications sheet and click on the option to 'Use the Legacy STAAD Editor'


  • Ensure that STAAD.Pro is not running.
  • Attached to this post is a zip file (PatchedEditorSS6.zip) which includes an updated set of files for the New Editor which need to be used to replace files in the current installation. Download the zip file.
  • Create a copy of your current Editor folder, '\SproV8i SS6\STAAD\Editor' to '\SproV8i SS6\STAAD\Editor_Backup'
  • Copy the contents of the zip file into the original folder and replace the original files Editor.
  • Launch STAAD.Pro and continue as normal.


This patch is only intended for the initial build of STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 build

PatchedEditorSS6 (1).zip
  • Hemant : You DO NOT need to install the patch for the editor if you are using The patch was only meant for the initial version of STAAD.Pro SS6 in which the new editor was introduced. Issues were observed in some machines for which the patch was created. Subsequently the installation itself has been updated and the Advanced Editor that gets installed with recent versions of STAAD.Pro does not need any further patch. If you have replaced the installation files with those from the patch, I would suggest uninstalling STAAD.Pro, deleting the installation folder and reinstalling the software.

  • I tried to patch editor files in my STAADpro V8i SS6 but the editor stopped working. What may be the problem? Hemant Vadalkar

  • A great suggestion Andrew and certainly something we can look at doing in the update I described above.

  • One feature I would like to see added to the new editor is the ability to print the input file with sections collapsed.  For instance, very long lists of node and element coordinates can account for hundreds of pages, but are really not required when we submit our input file to clients for review.  Since the new editor has th ability to expand and collapse sections, it would be nice if the print function recognized the collapsed sections when it prints.  Thanks.

  • Glad to hear that the general feeling is positive with the New Editor, but yes, we realise that we need to improve performance on parsing very large files.  We are also looking add a capability to make the UI localizable when the UI has been translated.  

  • I also like the new editor, but like the others, I find it slow in large files.  In particular, the file I am working on currently has 97,000 lines.  It takes quite a while to open the file, and then it takes several seconds to "parse" the file.  And expanding/contracting the sections, or jumping between sections using the links on the left, takes a while.  Granted, its a very large file, but the old editor was just a quick on this large file as any small file.

  • I very much like the new editor as well, many features that makes it faster/easier to work in. However I agree, I've noticed issues with the speed of the new editor, with any file size though. It has a significant lag when inputting text, seems to be related to the "parsing"? As I input text there is lag between the keyboard what I see on screen. Any suggestions?

  • We did a lot of work on ensuring that the New Advanced Editor performed well with large and complex models so I would be very interested to see the model that is working slowly on your computer to see if there is any aspect of that model that we need to work on further.  In the meantime, you can revert to the legacy editor for those models as described above.

  • I quite like the updated editor, but it works VERY SLOW handling large files containing large number of loads, combinations, etc, even after replacing the given files. I think the main problem is that is continually running the syntax check, so I wonder if there is any way to disable it to run only when requested because I did not found a way to do it.