Fit to workflows ?


We are mapping future workflows and as a component FEA solver working with MicroStation could be welcome option. 

I do power line structures design, from supports to fitting electrics components,.. yes I do need for detail design tools

to get needed info for fatigue evaluations,... ext.

At first stage i am interested to see full feature list, theories supported as well user manual - that's good way to start?

Black box is not option to us.



  • For an overview of the features of ADINA please refer to the ADINA website: 

    We will have a Bentley licensed version soon, and the various modules noted in the link above will be bundled for simplicity. Once that's complete, you'll be able to download and run it in a trial mode like other Bentley software. The installation comes with an extensive set of manuals to address specific questions you might have about features. If there are any specific things you are interested to know ask it here and I'll get you some answers. I'm especially curious about this envisioned interface with MicroStation.