SIG Virtual Workshop - Applying Load Groups in STAAD.Pro - April 15th 11am SGT

Traditionally Structural Engineers model all the loads as primary load cases and spend time analyzing their structure for non-real load cases like Wind loads, Temperature loads etc acting alone.   They will then combine the results of those un-real load cases with real load cases for design.   Although this is ok for linear analysis, this gives wrong results when you perform P-Delta, Multilinear or Nonlinear analysis.  In this one hour session we shall look into the best practices of modeling real load cases using Load Groups and how this method helps structural engineers in doing efficient and accurate analysis. 

Please join this 1 hr virtual workshop to learn the following,

  1. Difference between Load combinations, Repeat Load and Load Groups.
  2. Load groups in Seismic Loading.
  3. Load groups in Non-Linear Analysis.

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