STAAD.Pro and SNiP code question

I am not familiar enough with STAAD.Pro, but had one of our team ask this question:

When using STAAD.Pro, does a user still have to input all load combinations or can a user say "Run against SNiP requirements" and not have to add those specific loads?

  • The combinations has to be created by the user. Selecting the design code does not add those by itself. However there are certain predefined load combination rules as per specific design codes in STAAD.Pro, which the user can make use of to generate the load combinations quickly. One can choose Commands > Loading > Automatic Load Combination from the top menu and choose Load combination code as Snip> click on Generate Loads > click on Add to generate the load combinations as per Snip. For the automatic load combination generation to work, each primary load should be assigned a load type such as dead, live, wind etc.