Ram Masonry Wall Module - Flanged Walls

Is there a way to design masonry shear walls with flanges? I see that the flange option does not provide a wall design for the flange?

Is there a way to design the flange so that reinforcement is ineffective for compression and effective for tension?

Also the program seems to limit the flange to less than 6t, and adjusts based on the length of the wall, is this correct?

  • Regretfully, reinforcement design is not completed for wall flanges. This is one of the limitations for the masonry wall module that is noted in the RAM Elements Manual (see page 560).

    The effective width of the flange is limited to the lesser of 6 times the flange thickness or the actual flange on either side of the wall.

    If you want a complete solution (design of the wall and the wall flanges), then I would build a with the wall and flanges in the main program, analyze it, assign a masonry wall to the main wall, assign a masonry wall to each flange, and then pass the assigned walls one at a time into the module for design.

  • Is there a way to see what sort of forces would be transferred between the 'flange and the web' in this approach?
  • In the main program, you could report internal forces or face forces for the shells representing either the main wall or the flange (Output - Analysis - Analysis Results). You could also display forces or stresses in the shells on screen (View - Stresses). If you are looking for forces specifically at the flange/web interface, then reporting face forces may be best. Face forces represent the total integrated/resultant force on each face of the shell.

    Also, note that the forces from the main program are transferred into the wall module after the masonry wall is assigned. You could also use the Diagrams tab to plot the force diagrams for both the main wall and the flange in the module.

  • Thanks for the info. What is the best way to apply a line load to the wall (create dummy member at same nodes as wall)? Is there somewhere I can find more information on shell interface types? Thanks again.
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