Ram Concept adding program reinforcement

Firstly i saw that someone else has asked a similar question but i was unable to grasp how to fix this problem from their answer.

The pictures below show the design strips in my model along with pictures of the top and bottom program reinforcement. After changing all the program reinforcement to user and running another load history deflection calc Ram Concept put more program reinforcement in (a lot actually and like 20mm spacing).

From the answer to the similar question i saw and the manual, this could be because.

  1. Bars are added to satisfy ACI 10.6.4, which in RAM Concept is based on a cracked section analysis using all reinforcement in the section (both top and bottom)
  2. section 58.6.5 of the manual says something about bars being added to satisfy equilibrium of the cracked section

The thing i don't understand is that when ram concept gives you its first lot of program reinforcement hasn't it already satisfied ACI 10.6.4. Why would simply changing the bars from program to user mean that the equilibrium of the cracked section it suddenly not balanced.

Any information regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.