Project: Jacking of  Gantry Crane Structure for Installation of Additional Leg.Crane Selfweight = 600 Tons

I end up modelling this kind of structure in STAAD Pro to determine if the whole system will be stable during jacking time and if the crane members can sustain the loadings imposed (selfweight + wind pressure) during jacking. Initially the crane is 45m high and will be jack up to 76m final height by making use of 8 jacks  and bolted parts of CHS each 2m  (see attached image). 

I know jack theoretically can provide vertical restrain (Fy) only but in reality since it will be subjected to immense vertical weight of 600Tons (each jack will carry = 75Tons) it cannot be easily move laterally and somehow there will be a lateral restrain (Fy & Fz).

Question: How can i determine this lateral resistance and have it model as spring support in STAAD? is it using (Fy/Fz = (coef of friction)* (Normal Force))? I need to quantify this as my cable support is highly tensioned without lateral resistance coming from the jack support. 

Thank you in advance for your advice,

Master Mac


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