Manual lateral Loading in Ram Structural System

Hi guys,

Is it possible assign manual lateral loading in Ram Structural System(Ram Frame), like wind load for irregular shape building. At the same time can apply automatic load combination together with the manually lateral load assign.

If can what is the best way?

Thanks in advanced!

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  • I'd actually read through that one looking for how to add seismic loads manually, but I didn't see anything in there about about that. Did I miss it? 

    That's interesting using the moment frames to model the walls above. We'd used the Ram Shearwalls to try to account for them, with the properties adjusted to semi-match wood shearwalls. I suppose we could adjust the stiffness of moment frames to match the shearwall displacement from our wood software, and the frame columns would be more like a hold-down load path. But still, how would I specify the nodal loads once I had nodes available?