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Hi All,

I am designing a Multistory RCC Building for Bus Depot. I have a dought regarding Member (Beam) Releses

How would I decide what  releases has to be given at Start or End position of Beam for the Following conditions

1)  Main Beam with Both ends resting on column

2) Beam with one end resting on column and other end resting on Beam

3) Secondary Beam with both ends resting on Main Beams

4) Cantilever Beams with one end resting on column and other end Free

Please help me for my doughts in Member Releases for RCC Structures

Thank you

  • The following general rules would apply for all of these cases. More than whether it is a beam connecting a column or a beam connecting to another beam, it is the nature of the connection and what forces the connection is able to take & transfer, that would govern the release specification.

    For concrete structures with monolithic connections, the connections would be able to take and transfer moments between members and so you would not apply any releases to the beams. If there is a situation where you have beams not monolithically connected to the supporting beams/columns and is just going to transfer the loads in shear but no moments, you would release MZ ( also MY if release is required for minor axis ) at the start/ends of these supported members. The supporting members will not have releases.

    A cantilever beam would of course have a fixed connection to the column and so no releases.

  • Hi Sye,

    Sorry to extend this tread further, but I have one related question too and I think, it will be a best way to clear doubt here rather than starting a new tread.

    I am modelling a structure where I am getting a torsional  moment on Primary Beam (It's a corner beam with connection to column) and it's design is failed.

    Since we do not release any torsional  moment in case of primary beam. Please suggest how to tackle this situation.

    Error I am getting pertaining to this particular beam (Beam no 55) - Tau v exceeds Tauc(max).

    I also tried by changing Grade of concrete and increase the cross-section size of the beam but nothing didn't work out.

    Staad file is attached below for your reference.

    4087.Assembly Hall Project.std

  • I don't see any such warning for Beam #55 in your model. Which STAAD.Pro version are you using? I ran your model with the most recent STAAD.Pro CE version

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