Member Release

Hi All,

I am designing a Multistory RCC Building for Bus Depot. I have a dought regarding Member (Beam) Releses

How would I decide what  releases has to be given at Start or End position of Beam for the Following conditions

1)  Main Beam with Both ends resting on column

2) Beam with one end resting on column and other end resting on Beam

3) Secondary Beam with both ends resting on Main Beams

4) Cantilever Beams with one end resting on column and other end Free

Please help me for my doughts in Member Releases for RCC Structures

Thank you

Parents Reply
  • Previous issue regarding Torsion for member 55 is resolved. Kindly help me with another issue for this particular member.

    1. I am checking Load Value on Member 55 (via staad output file viewer) and I am not able to see any DL and LL on member. However this member is designed for reinforcement already. How can I check Total Load on this member for which it was designed. As I am getting difference in Ast (manual calculation and staad result).

    Checked everything like Total applied load and intensity of it etc.

    2. Also, How can I assign to design this particular member as a L- Section ?