RAM Concept - Load History / Construction Sequencing Discussion

Hi all, 

I'd like to have a discussion about the best way to set up the Load History Parameters and realistic Construction Sequencing. 

I tuned into a Bentley Webinar a few months ago and the presenter went through a Load History setup which was more comprehensive than the default file setup. I can't locate that webinar material. Perhaps one of the Support Team can explain/detail it further? I remember it separating the different stages of construction (slab poured, slab backpropped, partitions installed, occupancy etc).

An example of a post-tensioned highrise tower floor plate is below:

Load applied after 7 days (just after the final stressing). 

Backpropping loads (say 2.5 kPa average) applied for the next 28 days (say we need to backprop 4 levels and there is a week cycle time). 

Construction Loading (1.5 kPa) applied for the next 21 to allow for materials being stacked. 

Partitions installed (SDL applied) 

Occupancy (SDL + LL) after say 3 months from partitions installed. At this point we can calculate short term deflection. 

Then we can go on to calculate Long Term deflections. 

What are other people's approach to this? Have you set up your own Load History steps? If so would you like to share them? 

PS - Does Concept account for the fact the concrete hasn't reached it's final design Elastic Modulus (E) value when loaded between 0-28 days?