Ram Elements Footing Design Module Questions / Suggestions

For the Ram Elements Footing Design Module, is there a way to set the base height (or a range of acceptable base heights) such that the "Suggest" button does not change the height set by the user?  It should be similar to the setting at the bottom that allows you to set a maximum width or length.  This design criterion should be in addition to the length and width criterion choices.

Second question: is there a way to change the Footing Length and Footing Width orientation?  The program will not allow the width to be larger than the length.  This also applies to the Design criterion  "length/width ratio".  A work-around (time-consuming pain-in-butt idea when you are working up to a deadline) involves adding a very short "concrete" column turned 90 degrees to the column above.

I like using Ram Elements.  It is simple to use and does most everything I need it to do.  I was a Staad user and I'm glad i switched.