Excel and STAAD Integration problem

Hello Everyone,

I am working in a Metro Rail infrastructure project at present. For a particular design problem, I have to run number of STAAD files and extract the result.

I want to simplify the process of running the STAAD and extracting the result from STAAD Pro.

How do I approach to this problem through VBA and OpenSTAAD ? I don't want to open STAAD each time, then pasting my STAAD input file in STAAD editor, and then run the file in STAAD, and then extract the relevant result.

In simple words, I want to create a macro in excel itself. This macro should bypass all the above mentioned processes i.e., Copying STAAD Input + Paste in STAAD Editor + Run file in STAAD Pro + Extract result from STAAD Pro + Paste it back to MS Excel + Sorting in MS Excel for relevant result.

Thanks in advance if someone can help me with this.


Ankit Gupta

  • There is a good example in your STAAD.Pro installation of an Excel spreadsheet that has a buil in macro to extract the data from the model in STAAD.Pro.
    You can use Excel if you want to parametrically define your model data and use OpenSTAAD to create the data into STAAAD.Pro. You will need to define all the releveant data, including node coordinates, members, finite lements, material, section properties, load cases, loading, combinations and type of analysis, etc.
    You can then use another macro in Excel to launch the STAAD.Pro analysis with the OpenSTAAD function AnalyzeModel.

  • If the no of STAAD Files to be created has similar geometric and loading conditions, then

    1.You can create a macro which would write the STAAD Editor file in excel (in rows of a single column)(i.e Systematically program the   Staad Editor file(Input File) in Excel).

    2. Use another macro to directly create and open the Staad File based on this Staad Input from Excel.

    3. Then Use another macro to run the analysis and extract the results from STAAD to Excel and Sort them out according to your requirement.

    For the 2nd and 3rd steps , you need to use Staad as an Object in VBA. If you want all of this to be done at once , you can create Command Buttons which would carry out these steps and use them to obtain the results.

     Hope This helps.

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    you can still try it on ZetExcel

    Jeremy Gore