RAM SS - DataAccess to Slab Edge Beam

Is there a function in RAM DataAccess that will tell you whether a beam, joist, or wall is part of the slab edge/opening perimeter and which side the slab edge/opening perimeter is on (left or right, going clockwise around the edge of the building or opening)?  I can get the slab perimeter and beam end coordinates, but that doesn't really help me when the slab edge is offset from the center line of the beam.  

  • Prior to the implementation of two-way slabs, all slab edges were modeled as positive offsets from the perimeter beams/walls. It would have been relatively straight forward to have a method that determined which beam/wall the slab edge was associated with and the other properties you noted. However, I'm not seeing anything specifically for this and there would be limitations (below).

    IGravitySteelDesign1.GetBeamCompositeProperties will tell you if an edge exists, but this method will probably only work for composite gravity steel beams under one way decking.

    With two-way slabs, the slab edge is not necessarily associated with a perimeter beam/wall. Even with one-way decks, free-formed slab edges could be associated with multiple beams or vice versa. IMemberData.GetConcreteBeamSectionDimProps is another method that will tell you if there is a slab edge on the left or right of the beam, but might not work properly with free formed slab edges.

    You could create your own function. There are many examples out there on how to program the math (point in polygon, distance from point to line, do line segments intersect, ect.). All of the geometry that you would need is available in RAM DataAccess.