RAM Data Access: Accessing forces from Ram Concrete instead of Ram Frame results


I'm using Ram SS v15.05, x64 on Windows 10. I'm writing a script using c# to output column forces for a ColumnStack. My current envisioned procedure is as follows:

- Get the defined load cases from the IModel interface:

RamModel = RamInterface.GetDispInterfacePointerByEnum(EINTERFACES.IModel_INT);

var loadCases = RamModel.GetLoadCases(EAnalysisResultType.RAMConcreteResultType);

Unfortunately, the GetLoadCases returns 0 load cases (even though the ram concrete module is run in that model). It only works if I specify an EAnalysisResultType.RAMFrameResultType. Is there another way to access the RamConcrete load case IDs to then be able to extract the forces?

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