[ABD CE U2] Item Types export to IFC?


I have received this question from my customer and because my knowledge of AECOsim Building Designer, especially CONNECT Edition, and also IFC format are limited, I am looking for existing experience and best practices:

Is it possible, when a model is exported to IFC format, to include also Item Types?

There is a model that was created partially in MicroStation (both V8i and CONNECT Edition) and these elements have data attached as Item Types. These elements (often plain cells, old Smart Solids but also new Parametric solids) are not recognized as ABD elements. Another part of this project was created directly in ABD and now the whole 3D model should be exported to IFC.

When I tried to export it in ABD CE U2, not ABD elements are exported as geometries, but Item Types data seem to be lost. Is it possible to export Item Types also or it's not supported (yet)? Or is there any requirement / preparation steps that have to be done like the element have to exist in ABD catalog or there is some special IFC export configuration / mapping?

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