RAM DataAccess, using IModelGeometry1

I'm using the RAM DataAccess API and not sure if I am using IModelGeometry1 in the VBA macro correctly.  I ultimately want to populate a table with the Support type and Support ID for every beam, for both start and end joints.  I initialized interfaces and followed with a loop for each beam.  But I'm getting a compile error.  Any help to correct the VBA below is much appreciated.

Dim IModelGeometry1 As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IModelGeometry1

Set IModelGeometry1 = RAMDataAcc1.GetDispInterfacePointerByEnum(IModelGeometry_INT)

           R = 14  'start on this row

           lNumBeams = IBeams.GetCount
            For lBeam = 0 To lNumBeams - 1
                Set IBeam = IBeams.GetAt(lBeam)
                lUID = IBeam.lUID
                    Cells(R, 2) = strStoryID
                    Cells(R, 3) = IBeam.lLabel
                    Cells(R, 4) = IBeam.strSectionLabel
                    IModelGeometry1.GetBeamSupportInfo peSupportTypeStart, plSupportIDStart
                    Cells(R, 5) = peSupportTypeStart
                    Cells(R, 6) = plSupportIDStart
                    R = R + 1
            Next 'Beam