MS Tower - Adding Bolt Connection

Currently I am planning to add bolt connection to the lattice tower model that I had built. I have defined the bolt type to be used, however I do not know how I can apply the connection using specified bolt to my model. 

  • Most connections are shear connections but tension only can be assigned. You fist of all specify the bolt data, for example:

     M16TOW  4.6 D 16  AS 201  FY 300 FU 480 FV 320
     M20TOW  4.6 D 20  AS 314  FY 300 FU 480 FV 320
     M20TOWT  4.6 D 20  FY 300 FU 480 TENS AT 245 FT 70.6

    And then you assign this to the  panel data:

    PANEL 4  HT 3.000  TW  2.750
      FACE K2 LEG 7 BR1 6 H1 2 R1 3 R2 3 R3 3 R4 3 
      PLAN PLX PB1 2 PB2 3 PB3 3 PB4 3
      BOLT LEG 2 M20TOW BR 1 M20TOWT R 1 M16TOW PB 1 M16TOW

    Answer Verified By: Gary Lienatha 

  • Hi @rtully17 

    Can you assist with unbraced length factor for member in MS towers. For example, 

    I have a K brace configuration having a sub brace of 50% inplane and local axis while unbraced the entire length out of plane. Due to the presence of the node mid point of the member when modeled in MS Tower;

    1. Does the software split the member in out of plane? If yes, how do I specify the out of plane unbraced factor?