RAM DA - Trouble getting GetMemberForces to work

I'm attempting to retrieve the design forces for the start/end of the member from RAM structural systems using VBA and running into a problem with the GetMemberForces command. 

Below is an example of how I'm attempting to extract the strong shear at the start of the beam:

Dim lMemberID As Long
Dim lAnalysisCaseID As Long
Dim bApplyLLReduction As Long
Dim dMx_maj As Double
Dim test As SForce

Set IForces = RamDataAcc1.GetDispInterfacePointerByEnum(IForces2_INT)
r1 = test.dVx_maj
startMajShear = IForces.GetMemberForces(lMemberID, eStart, lAnalysisCaseID, RAMGravityResultType, bApplyLLReduction, r1)

What am I misunderstanding?