Hello everybody!

I am simulating an old structure which is constructed with composed sections (UPN180 FR SP 0.38 for same colums and UPN120 FR SP 0.00 for diagonal trusses). But the Staad Output shows the next warning message for this composed sections: "**WARNING-THIS VERSION DOES NOT DESIGN FACE-TO-FACE CHANNEL SECTIONS (MEMBER  12)."

My Staad version is STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition - Version

I have the issue that the STAAD do not aply the check code (EN 1993-1-4:2005) to this sections. Is there any way to apply the check code to this sections?

I tried to verify the max stress in the "Beam combined stresses summary" but is too much big because I have 96 load case combinations and the report do not show a summary for each beam, it shows 96 lines for each beam (I have about 9000 beams in my STAAD model). Is there any way to get a summary of beam stresses that really is a summary?

Next you have the std file:

018-47-EA C03_00.STD

Many thanks for your help in advance!

Fernando Gago

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