OpenSTAAD Help File - Help!

In the latest version of STAAD.Pro ( the OpenSTAAD help screen has this little gem on the first page.

"In an effort to provide you with the best application support in the industry, OpenSTAAD documentation is provided electronically in the form of HTML help files. This important decision was made to provide a method of quickly updating users with the latest program additions or modifications. Since this information is provided electronically, users can simply download the latest help files from our web site, without the delay to update and reprint hard copy documentation."

Huh? What? Where do we download these help files? And what does it being in HTML have to do with anything? And while I'm at it, the old help file gave you a nice little overview of OpenSTAAD. It explained things like instantiation. Now you get two short paragraphs giving you a very brief overview of OpenSTAAD and then it blast off into the function reference manual. How is this "the best application support in the industry"?

And it looks like all the arguments in the functions are typed as VARIANT FAR. Come on, most of us are not computer science majors. Without the example code you provide how are we supposed to know the data types when we are using those functions in Basic?

And last but certainly least (valuable that is). Try copying and pasting a code snippet out of the help. It paste everything on one line! I just submitted a service request on this one. I don't know maybe it has something to do with Windows 10. I've had nothing but problems since I've switched but dang, what a PITA!