3D Dimensions ?

Dear Colleagues,

Having seen STAAD developed / revamped ever since v2003 (the first version I had my hands on) till the CONNECT Edition; was wondering if we can also have a 3D Dimensioning Tool (without altering the current dimensioning Tool), wherein we can have the X, Y, Z distance between 2 nodes (like in Navisworks or any 3D modelling / viewing softwares).

Thanks in Advance.

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  • Hi Dani,

    In STAAD.Pro node to node distance can be seen easily. It shows the distance between any 2 nodes in the structure. Though X,Y,Z distances are not shown for any 2 joints, that can be calculated from the geometry data any time.

    Anyway, Can you please tell me some advantages in day to day work, if the option you are looking for introduced in the interface?


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