What am doing wrong?

Dear friends, I need help!!!

I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what I am doing is not possible in Staad Pro.

I have a 12 levels building modeled in Revit and sent to ISM

Then sent to Staad Pro, the Analytical model:

It is a building with elevator concrete wall in the middle (it was modeled floor to floor - I don't know if it is one of the problems!), with a concrete slab over in beams (there are some overhang slabs) 

I had already test the integrity, included the column and walls support, and all the slabs notes are in the same levels.

The model in the Analytical model:

Then I select both load cases, In analysis command chose "All"

But when I run the Analsyis I receive 84 error!!!!

all about plates!!!

and message about number of nodes:

What am doing wrong??? It is not possible do model a irregular shape slab in the physical model and send to the analytical one?

If not, what is the  workaround?