Connect Edition update 3 + openstaad API + .NET C#

Hi ,

i trying to develop custom tool using openstaad + c#. 

i want know what is reference .dll name and where its located in staad installed path.(specially connect edition)

your sample Excel macro is working fine in my system. in this new version i not able find openstaadUI reference .dll. 

i want known whether openstadd is separate installation and need separate license to develop custom Tool?  if not can you guide us how find reference .dll.

  • Hi Chinna, Vivek and all,

    I have revised the sample application project (please find attached). The main important think beside the interop dll is the manifest file. You need to include the manifest file in the project so that the application can find the object.

    You can deliver the manifest file with the application or embed it in the application (as in the sample).

    @Vivek, the previous sample worked for you because you had the SS6 installed on your machine which registers the TLB file to the system. With the current version we are not writing anything to the registry (due to all security reasons of the OS). So, you will need the manifest file to access STAAD object.

    I hope this sample will help you in developing your application.

    If you have any other queries, you are welcome to post. We will be glad to help you out.


    Rudra Lahiri

    Senior Principal Software Engineer, Structural


  • Hi sir, good day, could you please provide me a sample how to get group names, select a group, and change section properties of members in that group? Thank you sir.

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