RAM DA - Gravity Column forces


I am currently putting together a VBA sub-routine to extract column loads from the RAM Frame module of a RAM model. So far I have successfully navigated the interfaces to extract the Lateral column loads by utilising the GetMemberForces() method.

The Gravity column loads however seem to require a different approach (as mentioned in the GetMemberForces() documentation). I suspect that the newer IMemberForces and IMemberForce interfaces should be able to achieve what I want, however I am not entirely clear on the usage of these. When I run the line (in VBA):

Set IMemberForces = ...

...what should I be passing to this interface? I tried the following:

Set IMemberForces = IModel.GetColumn(IColumn.lUID)

...given my current grasp of DA I thought that it would work, however it does not.

I am aware of the existence of GetGrvColForcesForLCase method, however this only seems to return the axial forces; I would like to retrieve the moments on top of the column too. Would much appreciate any guidance as to how to utilise the IMemberForces interfaces or some other method to achieve my goal.

Many thanks,