Analysis of reaction outputs in MS tower


I have completed an analysis of a lattice tower within MS tower. The tower has linear ancillaries along with face, and large ancillaries.

I have used the 'mean' hourly wind speed in the loading of the tower, in accordance to BS8100.

I am now trying to analyse the reactions outputs of the analysis, and this is where I require assistance. 

I have input four basic load cases in the TWR file, 1000, 1020, 1040 and 1060, along with several combination cases.

Taking case 1000 as an example, I understand where the values for the generated sub-load cases (1001 and 1002) are derived from, and I have been able to use the OUT file to confirm the results. However I cannot derive the calculations that have taken place to generate the results for case 1000. The user manual states: "A load case containing forces on the equivalent bare tower due to the mean wind". Please could somebody elaborate on where it gets the values for this load case from?

Thank you in advance,


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