DataAccess for RAM V17

I had a spreadsheet setup to retrieve foundation forces at each column using GetColForcesForLCase. If the column had a brace framing into the bottom, it would instead find closest node to column base (i.e. node in which brace frames into) and retrieve the imemberforces pointer for the node via INode.GetReactions. Now after updating to V17 every column with a brace framing into its base is giving me incorrect values. After taking the code step by step in VBA I noticed all of the imemberforce pointers now have 0 values for all axial,shear,and moments in the nodes. Before I pull my hair out trying to fix it, is there anything that might have changed that would require me to change VBA code? I looked at release notes and it didn't seem like anything was implemented that would impact this spreadsheet.

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