RAM Concept and Combined Footings

I am designing some combined footings in RAM Concept.  One is a footing with 3 columns on it along with a non-load bearing wall.  The other is a spread footing with a column and a load bearing wall.  I started the 3 column footing with design strips as it is quite large (20 ft x 60 ft x 2'-6" as it is at a braced frame).  Is this a best practice or should I just use design sections instead? I am using design sections on the smaller footing (13 ft x 13 ft x 2'-0")/

On both models (they are not linked to RAM Elements or RAM Structural), I do not seem to be able to put in distributed longitudinal reinforcing.  I want to put in #6@12" EW T&B on the smaller footing and something heavier on the 3 column footing but whenever I try to put in the Distributed Reinforcing in the Long. direction it does not put anything in.  Thoughts?