RAM SS VBA Data Access

Hi I am new to explore the data access. I'm trying to execute a code but it gets stuck at Loaddatabase. could you please let me know the issue? 



Option Explicit

Sub member_force()

'Define Variables'


    Dim RAMDataAcc1 As RAMDATAACCESSLib.RamDataAccess1
    Dim IModel As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IModel
    Dim ISteelCriteria As RAMDATAACCESSLib.ISteelCriteria
    Dim IModelData1 As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IModelData1
    Dim IStories As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IStories
    Dim IStory As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IStory
    Dim IBeams As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IBeams
    Dim IColumns As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IColumns
    Dim IColumn As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IColumn
    Dim IHorizBraces As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IHorizBraces
    Dim IHorizBrace As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IHorizBrace
    Dim IVerticalBraces As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IVerticalBraces
    Dim IVerticalBrace As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IVerticalBrace
    Dim ILayoutBeam As RAMDATAACCESSLib.ILayoutBeam
    Dim IMemberForce As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IMemberForce
    Dim IMemberForces As RAMDATAACCESSLib.IMemberForces
    Dim file_object As Object
    Dim shapes_file As Object

    Dim Row As Long
    Dim lBeam As Long
    Dim lUID As Long
    Dim lCount As Long
    Dim lNumBeams As Long
    Dim member_num As Long
    Dim lNumStories As Long
    Dim lStory As Long
    Dim beam_force As Boolean
    Dim story_label As String
    Dim OpenFile As String
    Dim strStoryID As String
    Dim dVersion As Double

    'Clear Old Data
    Cells(8, 1).Select

    'Get Input Variables
    Row = 8
    beam_force = Worksheets("Member Force").CheckBox1.Value
    member_num = Worksheets("Member Force").Cells(3, 2)
    story_label = Worksheets("Member Force").Cells(3, 3)
    'Open Model'
    'Open Dialog Box
    OpenFile = Application.GetOpenFilename("RAM SS Database (*.ram; *.rss), *.ram; *.rss")
    If OpenFile = "" Then
        Exit Sub
    End If
    'Initialize DataAccess
    Set RAMDataAcc1 = New RAMDATAACCESSLib.RamDataAccess1
    'Initialize IO interface
    Set RAMDataAccIDBIO = RAMDataAcc1.GetDispInterfacePointerByEnum(IDBIO1_INT)
    RAMDataAccIDBIO.GetDatabaseVersion OpenFile, dVersion
    dVersion = Round(dVersion, 1)
    If dVersion < 14.6 Then
        MsgBox "This tool was written for Ram Structural System version 14.06.00 or later.  Please update."
        Exit Sub
    End If
   RAMDataAccIDBIO.LoadDataBase OpenFile

    'Initialize the Object Model Interface
    Set IModel = RAMDataAcc1.GetDispInterfacePointerByEnum(IModel_INT)

    'Find Member Force'
    Set IStories = IModel.GetStories
    lNumStories = IStories.GetCount

    For lStory = 0 To 1
        'Getting story info
        Set IStory = IStories.GetAt(lStory)
        strStoryID = IStory.strLabel

                    Cells(Row, 1) = strStoryID
                     Row = Row + 1
    Next 'Story'

    'Close Model'
    'Save Changes
    'Close Model
    'Release all interfaces
    Set RAMDataAcc1 = Nothing
End Sub