Ram stand alone vs Ram connect - cap plate design

I have a W21x62 beam supported by a 6x6 HSST column and I'm trying to design a column cap plate. In the connect version loading on the beam is from bar joists on 48" centers, whereas the standalone has single point load input thru the dialog box (I used the axial load from the top of column). When running in the Connect version I'm showing web buckling failure (ratio = 1.16) while in the stand alone no problem (ratio = .46). I also note the Connect version calculated column sidewall forces differently. In the connect version I had to increase column wall thickness to pass that criteria.

FWIW - I did check applied forces and they're essentially the same.  

I'm curious if the connect version looks at the distribution of forces on the beam differently than in the standalone? If so, how to account for that in the model?