RCDC; Failed Column Design (even with big dimension on redesign)

Basak Framing V4.rar


Attached herein is my analysis of a 2-Storey House in Staad Pro; the problem is that when i used this file in RCDC 6.3 to design Column, the result is all failed. It seems like the program wants me to increase the dimension of column with many rebars. Please refer below for the info:

1. Concrete = C21

2. Rebar =fy275

3. Ductile Special is selected

4. Joint Check option is selected

5. 25mm clear cover

6. preferably 16mm diam bar for main reinf & 10mm on ties

7. Location = Philippines

8. Design Code = ACI 318M-2011

9. Column dimension is (Footing to 2F Level = 200x450mm / 2F Level to Roof Beam = 200x350mm)

Hope anyone could assist me on this. Thanks in advance.

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