RAM Beam Design: Connection Check

Hello everyone,

In my model, I want to run a connection check (not through the RAM Connection module, but just through RAM Beam Design) for both beam-to-beam and beam-to-column conditions. I have a separate table of values for each condition (I edited different .CON files). The reason why they're different is because I've accounted for coped flanges in the beam-to-beam condition and analyzed it independently whereas the beam-to-column condition are based off of AISC's table values. When I run the check, I am only allowed to select one table at a time.

My question: Does RAM recognize whether a beam is supported by another beam versus a column? If so, is there a way to adjust the program (i.e. edit files) so that I would only need to run one table that would account for the two types of end condition it's seeing? This way, I would only need to output my results once. I also avoid having to go through the failed cases in one condition only to find out that it works when I run the second condition (saves time).

Thank you!

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