RAM Elements Tilt Up Base Moments

If I am modeling a 3'-0" below grade "bottom panel" and leave my isolated spread footing supports as pinned, why does my OOP moment not go to zero at the base (y=0)? I am a little confused why adding the bottom panel is affecting the overall moment distribution? 

  • You are chosing the FEM method for analysis.  

    In the Simplified method:  considers linear elements (physical members) to simulate the wall  - you will get the moment going to zero at the base because of the base pin.

    In the FEM method:  the wall is meshed and considers shell elements.  The diagrams integrate the contours over the strip.  Walls will only be broken into multiple strips if openings are modeled.  The user has the option to identify additional strip locations.

    I think you will find more information if you review the force contours in the FEM tab. Click anywhere on the wall to integrate the contours and diagrams will show on the side.  Here you will see the going to zero behaviour you are looking for.

    Answer Verified By: Andrea Armacost