OpenStaad section properties for WEB TAPERED

the below code uses GetSectionPropertyValuesEx  which is not working .

refering to the previous thread

"prop" array is still not getting populated

 the description of this function in excel object browser is 

Function GetSectionPropertyValuesEx(varProfRefNo, varPropType, varPropValues)

second argument  " varPropType" for that used GetBeamSectionPropertyTypeNo

the updated openstaad manual also doesnt cover this .

could someone please highlight where i am wrong ? 


Sub webTap_secprop()

Set OS = GetObject(, "StaadPro.OpenSTAAD")
Set OSGeometry = OS.Geometry
Set OSProperty = OS.Property

Dim SelBeamsNo As Long
Dim SelBeams() As Long
'Get the application object --
'Get no. of selected beams
SelBeamsNo = OSGeometry.GetNoOfSelectedBeams
ReDim SelBeams(SelBeamsNo - 1) As Long
OSGeometry.GetSelectedBeams SelBeams, 0
For i = 0 To (SelBeamsNo - 1)

'get section properties of tapred section
Dim Fone As Double, prop(0 To 6) As Double
Dim lBSPropertyTypeNo As Long
Dim lBSPropertyrefNo As Integer
lBSPropertyrefNo = OSProperty.GetBeamSectionPropertyRefNo(SelBeams(i))
lBSPropertyTypeNo = OSProperty.GetBeamSectionPropertyTypeNo(SelBeams(i))
OSProperty.GetSectionPropertyValuesEx lBSPropertyrefNo, lBSPropertyTypeNo, prop

Next i

End Sub