Problems learning RAM Concept

I have done all the training videos, read the manual, completed the exercises and now had my first attempt at doing a raft slab on springs in RAM Concept.  I cannot get this software to give me a sensible answer so I am obviously doing something wrong.  Have been trying for about 12 hours so need some help if anyone can spare a moment to have a look.  I want to check the slab at 250mm thick with N12-200 EW T&B with 30mm cover.

1.  Every load case I have entered is a ULS case yet I get a message saying the factors are not suitable for strength design.

2.  Have I entered the reinforcing correctly, I feel like the software keeps adding in additional reo yet I want to use user defined and check it.

3.  When I do a plot of maximum bearing pressure it tells me I have maximum & minimum values of 0kPa, why is this giving me such a strange result, is it related to the load factors RAM doesn't seem to like?

MY CLIENT IS SCREAMING FOR THIS SO A QUICK TURN-AROUND WOULD BE APPRECIATED.  I have attached the Microstran file of the structure supported by this slab for information only.

 Foundations rev 1.cptFree Roof.msw

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