StaadPro - Description for each force in member capacities

For the StaadPro, the picture above is taken from the beam properties. 

1. Design capacities mean the member can be designed to the maximum of its properties right?

2. Does MB stand for moment buckling?

3. PC and PT stand for compression force and tension force? Why it is different for both value? 

4. Could I know the formulas used to get the values of design capacities if I am using Eurocode? Or I can get it from the software?

5. May I know Moment Cross-sectional along the x-axis(MCX) is available? If yes, how to get it?

6. What is my and myx stand for? 


  • 1) Member capacities indicates the maximum forces which a member could handle.
    2) Yes, MB stands for Buckling Moment Capacity.
    3) PC stands for compression capacity and PT stands for tension capacity. Usually PC is lower due to buckling which can occur for compressed member. I am not sure though why PT is reported as 0 in your screenshot.
    4) Go to STAAD.Pro Help and check section Design > D. Design Codes > D5. European Codes > D5.C. European Codes - Steel Design to Eurocode 3 [EN 1993-1-1:2005] > D5.C.5 Member Design.
    5) You can use a TRACK 2 design parameter and see the detailed design results in the Output file.
    6) Myx is the Equivalent uniform moment factors as per cl. of BS 5950.