RCC Design With RCDC

(1) I analysed a framed structure model in STAAD Pro with EQ X, EQ Z, Dead Load and Live load as primary loads and used repeat load instead of Load combination and analysed with P Delta analysis.

Now I want to design this structure with RCDC. I created new project with above STAAD Pro file. In this RCDC shows all loads including EQ X, EQ Z, Dead load, Live load and all repeat loads in basic load cases. What load type I assign to repeat loads and How I generate load combination?

If I use only EQ X, EQ Z, Dead load and Live load I can Generate load combinations as per IS 456-2000. But  How I use repeat load results in RCDC.

If I use only repeat loads, it says no DL selected.

And How generate load combination for Sizing in footing design by RCDC?

(2) What load type to be assigned to live load in RCDC? Live load or Reducible Live load? And what will be effect of Live load or Reducible Live load when I select Live load reduction in Design settings of column Design? Which option should be taken for footing design?